What a Blow!

In january I will start my internship in a company named “….Indonesia” Well that company is based in Solaris and Linux. I said in my mind “What the heck…”. It mean I need to study a lot of things from zero…because I am a Windows user for whole my life, at least untill now.

So with youth spirit *eeewwwww* I try to study it by finding some stuffs in internet, like finding some groups that discuss this matters. Finally I found that groups, an international groups, I think I can find something here…So I wrote one post…telling all the problem I had. After that I went back to sleep.

In the next day, I’m happy that my post was replied. But my surprise doesn’t stop there, I was surprised and shocked that there is somebody that angry with me…I said what is my mistakes. It turn to be that he was angry with me because I didn’t use proper writing in English, like “i”, saying me, must be written capital, he said that someone writing is showing how is the people in working world.

After I read that….wew What a Blow!!! So guys if you want to join some international groups you should notice somethings, like writings, and many other unwritten rules.

Anyway I’m trying to write my blog in english so that I can improve my english, but I’m sorry if I made a lot of mistakes.


2 thoughts on “What a Blow!

  1. personally, when i’m posting on the net, i never use capital, it’s such a bother, but if it comes to work, of course i capitalize it…
    he is wrong to generalize people like that…

    and about your working place. I think it’s good that you work in a non-windows office
    in internship, try to look for the most unusual thing, broaden your mind
    never be afraid to learn

    and experience in using linux and solaris will certainly look good on your CV :thumbsup:

  2. That’s why Bro it was such annoyance to me…what the heck…I just met him for the first time and He gave that Blow….huhuhu….

    Yep Bro I hope I can get some knowledge from this internship…I wish a lot because I have to spend 7 months in that company…

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