Hiiii Happy New Year

Hii all new year has already passed, there are a lot of things that happened since my last post. Here I will tell you the story.

On 31st December I moved out from my dormitory to the “kos2” an in Jakarta. I planned to write something in my blog that day, but I cannot since my connection to the wireless is already over. So at noon, around 12 or something I took all my stuff to be moved in an “angkot”, yup it was an “angkot”. We, Yulius, Ivan, Paskal, and I, think that it would be cheaper to use angkot than Taxi. So we go by angkot….what a tiring advanture, we were missed the turn that would take us to the “kosan”, so we have to took another way. And that makes my “angkot” driver mad…so he decided to drop us in front of Police station. Yulius said that it wasn’t too far if we go by foot. So we follow his idea. But his idea is really a bad one…since we have to go back and forth to take our “STUFFS” that is not a little one…it made my arm hurts so much. After a marathon likes move out, finally it’s all finished

In the evening Ivan told me hey it’s new years’ eve why didn’t you go with me to the mass in my church. In my mind I don’t want to be alone this new years’ eve, so I went with them, Ivan and Yulius. Our plan is to take busway and continued by cab in monas to go to Borobudur hotel. But…busway was so crowded…Taxi…the driver said that it would make him through gunung sahari from sudirman to borobudur, because there were road blocks in Monas, We said oh noooo it would cost us some money…So we get off from the cab…but we think again with our crumbling stomach…we need to be there fast…so we take taxi again…but we got stuck in heavy traffic jam…so we get off from taxi and continue by walk…but with the “best” tour guide- Ivan. we got lost around Senen…It’s already night, my stomach hungry, my feet is so tired, plus we didn’t know where to go…terrible…but after with some effort we finally reach Borobudur….phiuhhh….the mass was already begun…but we decided to eat first, and we eat a lot that night…huehuehue….

So I followed the mass and it end around 1 a.m. in the morning. We want to go back to “kosan” but cannot, because they said it was traffic jam outside. so we wait until around 2 a.m. since it’s not going any better we decided to go whatever the condition is. It turn to be a long trip we were stuck in a car (10 people inside) for more than 2 hours. My butt really hurt that time, I cannot stand to sit again….So we end up in our “kosan” around 4 a.m. in the morning. After that trip I just went to bed until 10 a.m…..

ZZZzzzzzzz……what a night…..

Anyway that’s my story for the new year, Happy new year all, hope the best for ya!


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