In Cikarang Again and Happyyyy

Today I am in Cikarang, I have to finish some of internship documentation in my campus. So I didn’t go to my office today. I went from Jakarta to Cikarang around 13 or something, and there is this quite anoying traffic jam in Pancoran…

Finally I arrived in Cikarang…I go to the dorm first to change my short pants, there is a new rule that bother me…showing ID…huh I think that rule will be forgotten easily, like usual…So I change my pants, go to campus, after meeting the people that I wanted to meet, I go to library to read some news. after that I went to receptionist to meet mbak Eva to take Yosua’s meal coupon, but I have to wait for a long time. When I waiting for the people to come…suddenly there is this one of my ex-senior that said Hiii or hello to me, my mind went blank at that time…to my surprise she said that…because she is one of the most beautiful girls in campus…of course to my opinion…wow…..I’m so happy….


2 thoughts on “In Cikarang Again and Happyyyy

  1. OMG!!!!
    I haven’t made my dorm ID, oh shoot
    i already gave my photo to bawied,
    but I guess he forgot to made it for me

    dot, let me guess… an ex-senior… working in kampus… says hi to you…
    is she a batak? N?

  2. Wekekeke…Please don’t open my secret…Wekekeke

    Eh Btw after the last two days the rule already broke…for example my friend from outside can go inside the dorm just because he often meet the security…Wakakaka…So don’t worry Bro…

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