My New Workplace

Since I’m one of the President University student, I have to complete twos semester of internship. So i get this one company in Sudirman, that deals with software engineering. But my interest is not in software, I prefer to networking. So by the help of Bayu, thanks Bro, I managed to get internship place at that company in networking field.

My First day, I have to wait for a long time just for introduction, it was for almost 2 hour we’re waiting for the people, they said the projector is locked. So we wait…after the lcd projector arrive we start our introduction. introduction finish right before lunch time. So we went to the back of the building looking for cheap but good food, we found this warteg that is decent enough to eat there, I eat “sayur toge + Tempe + perkedel Jagung” and that’s for 6000 rupiah, well that reasonable enough.

Anyway there are 9 new guys including me in that company, 7 from PU (Andang,James,Wendy,Yosua,Putri,Azhar, and me) and 2 from Stt Telkom (Erna and Erwan). We still working to get to know each other wih well. Anyway my first day end up with nothing…we sneaked so that we can go home early…hehehe…actually only few minutes faster….

In my second day My supervisor gave a job to find notebook management in network using MAC address using 3Com layer 3 switch…so with lots of limitation that I get(blocked internet connection, bad monitor that make my eye hurt), finally I found one. But it seem that my supervisor is not so “wowed”….I was confused…it makes my spirit down…perhaps I am not get used with him yet…perhaps he is a good man, he just busy perhaps, anyway he gave me lunch at that day…thanks sir…

So in conclusion I still need to make some adjustment in my new workplace…Anyway Happy working to all of my friend in PU esp 2005 batch.


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