Sun Ray with Sun Fire Server

Here is my not perfect understanding about this one. I will make further research about this one, since this also one of my job in my internship place.

IT guys, when you do programming all you have to do is just sit in front of your computer, write the code, process it by using your computer, and that’s it done. Well the key difference with Sun Ray that is the user still do the same thing, it just that all the process is not happening in your computer, but it happen in your server. So the job of Sun Ray is to provide the “remote desktop” interface to the user, to use this software you have to use some device that called thin client, and when you use this you have to input some card as your identification to log on to the server. It will cost around 75 USD for each client. My company said that it is the first pilot project in Indonesia that is supported by Sun Microsystem.

My office has some difficulties in managing this one, so they have not launch it. So if there anyone that has some knowledge in it, perhaps you can help us.



Today in Cikarang, most of the time is filled with rain, I planned to finish my problem with campus, but it’s all failed. First the person that holding my confirmation letter is not coming home yet until around 4 p.m. and that already too late, since the campus is already closed. So I decide to let my sister finish it.

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