Today in Cikarang, most of the time is filled with rain, I planned to finish my problem with campus, but it’s all failed. First the person that holding my confirmation letter is not coming home yet until around 4 p.m. and that already too late, since the campus is already closed. So I decide to let my sister finish it.

When Frenky come to my dorm I decide to go with him to do some “wisata kuliner ala Bondan Winarno” in Pasimal Cikarang. First destination is Padang restaurant, the name is murah meriah and in fact it is very cheap to eat there, I eat “jeroan+telur dadar+nasi” it only cost me, well actually frenky treat me, 6500 rupiah, I hope this restaurant will open new branch near my workplace hehehe….

After We finish the food, I decide to get some other food, this time I choose “Baso Ceker”. Since I don’t like Ceker (chicken foot) I decide to get rid of that, so I only order meatball and tofu. It cost me 7000 rupiah, and my stomach is full….But wait I think I still have enough room in my stomach, so I asked Frenky to take to “Tukang Gorengan” that he said the best. I went there and I bought around 3000 rupiah, take it to frenky’s rent house, eat there, watch movie, and make this blog…nyam nyam nyam…..


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