Night at Jakarta

Wew I’ve just went back from my boss’ daughter wedding, it was in The Ritz Carlton Jakarta. The ceremony started at 7 PM, I went there with some of my colleagues in my workplace. For me it is the first time I went into 5 star hotel, my impression is WOW…everything seems so beautiful, even the toilet huehuehue…. The ballroom have some big crystal chandelier, which is beautiful (I don’t if it is real or not… :P)

So I follow some of the ceremony, little speech here…little speech there…and here come the main show…Eating!!!huehueheu…yup I ate a lot of foods there that I cannot hold it anymore. I ate sushi, pasta, laksa, soto, siomay, tempura, cake, crepes, ice cream, and many more until I forget what is the name of the food hehehehe… It makes my stomach full…I cannot eat again, at least for now hehehehe 😛

After spending sometime in the toilet because of my stomach…(ate too much food hehehe :D) I went back to the office. Before my colleagues looking for me, they say I was missing, actually I’m in the toilet hehehe…I even could here their voice in toilet searching for me, but I’m not replying :P, I’m afraid others would thing there are something wrong with me (am I maniacs or what?)

Well what I want to say is that night at Jakarta is beautiful, because I like the scenery, the lights of the skyscraper in the sky, somehow replacing the beauty of the star in the night. Perhaps Jakartans will said that as boring, but for me that recently come to Jakarta, I’m quite amazed with the scenery at the night (too bad my cell doesn’t have any camera, so I cannot show you one), it makes me thing a lot about me and myself (just like a movie title)

The point is even though today Jakarta is having a flood, and a lot of people thinks that Jakarta is no good place to live, I still like to see how is Jakarta will change in the future…I hope it will be better, because it seems I’m going to live in this city for quite some time.

Well good nite all, sleep tight…


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