My Weekend, My Friends, My Sadness…

This weekend, as usual I have to go back to Cikarang to take State Philosophy Class with Mr. Bruno in campus. So I went back on Friday evening, and arrived in Cikarang around 7 pm. In the next day I woke up , had a breakfast, took a bath, and go to campus follow lecturer that is given by Mr. Bruno. But my weekend wasn’t that dull, I went out with my friends. This time I hang out with girls, I am the only boy there 😀 ngahahaha heaven on earth…Don’t get wrong with this :D, they are my best friends Let me tell you why I can be fried with them. Once upon a time….I was (or I am) a geek in my campus, a bit hard for me to make a friend. So things went on days by days…For no reason I met them, and they start calling me as sister….(what the heck…I am a boy) At that time I only think as a usual pranks…Anyway I don’t care about that, at least I have friend, so sometime we spent some time together. And come the day one of them lets call her as y, went to Japan, she left me with e and v (I’m doing a gossip girl style :P) , so practically I become closer with e and v, but we still contact with y, and when we heard that y is going back for spring holiday, we are so happy. I know it’s a little bit awkward to have such girlfriends, but hey who cares, anyway there is a slight of improvement, they consider me as their brothers 😀 (anyway I’m the oldest). So things went well between me and e and v without y around. I “watch” how their life go on, and that make me become closer to e and v, they become my place to talk about anything that I cannot talk to my other friends, for me girls are more understanding than boys, since they think with their heart not their mind. CMIIW 😛 So we decided to meet in a bus stop, and the girls meet. You know what happened, they talk with loudly, scream to be more exact, without thinking that we are in a public place… oh ya actually they also make some brotherhood with other boy, but somehow he is not with us for a long time (internship, and many things) So the four of us went to the nearest mall (semanggi) to have lunch, anyway y was a little freaked out when she took busway, she said that it was scary, well for us busway is the safest transportation that we had in Jakarta 😀 , there we had a little chit chat. After finished the lunch e’s senior asked her to go to watch movie in EX (believe me it cost a lot… :(, lucky we ) we had to wait for an hour, since the movie already began when they there. So we buy some coffee in starbucks and had another chit chat there…(girlsss….) We were watching jumper, a movie about people that can be anywhere they like. After that we took some picture in front of the cinema, e’s senior can only laugh watching our immature habits 😀 After that e’s senior took us to had a dinner in a street to eat some pork noodles, hmmmm taste good…. Here we had to say good bye to e since she had to go back to her office to continue her works….(What a girl) So y, v, and I are took a rid to go home, with e’s taxi voucher, I cannot believe that y said to e’s senior that we’re going home with that voucher, when it supposed to be kept in silence, since it is illegal to give it to the other people beside e herself CMIIW, I think e will be reprimanded by her senior :P. So we took the cab, took y to her family’s house in Pademangan, so all the way we chit chat, again… but suddenly the road is jammed, it seems that there is a fire in the market so we had to turn back, but we managed to drop y near her meeting point with her family. In the end it only me and v in the cab, there we talked again, about so many things. And on the next day we went to church together. Here I realized that how lucky I am to have such friend like them, I am truly grateful for this. I cannot imagine that I will spent my college life without them But I realized, soon we are going to be graduated from the campus, so we have to go to our own ways. I am so afraid that I might lost them…Just when I realized how happy I am, I also realized how sad I am. Hmmm….Anyway in my opinion every blessing has it’s own disguise 😀


I hope you will always be my true friends


6 thoughts on “My Weekend, My Friends, My Sadness…

  1. Bandooott!!! Penyamun di sarang Perawan!!! aaHahahaaa,,,!!! Ngebayangin Bandot di masa dpan,, dikelilingi wanita2 “nakal”,, hwehwhwe,, jangan ya doot,, harus setia,,

    Ayo kita sharing film2 lagi (tepatnya gw yg biasanya minta :P),, gw ada Bionic Woman, Gossip Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, LOST *dari dulu ga jadi gw kasih juga yaa :(*, de el el,,
    Aliens in America juga kocak tuhh,, film budget rendah tapi kocak bgt,, hwehwehwe,,

    Berita baiknya: Writer’s Strike udah selesei!!! Asekkk,,

  2. It is my bless being around beautiful girls 😛 n Sigit don’t you compare me with that jerk!?!? G masih lebih baik ngahahaha.

    Iy deh om hanif g bkal setia koq klo udah dapet tapi selama belum ya begini ini… 😛

    Yah han itu seh sama aja…cman u punya aliens in america lengkap gak, klo ada g minta dong, skalian nagih lost 😀

  3. hehehe…ko2 inggrisnya mantap….
    ajarin dunk…
    aku msh blepotan grammarnya… 😦

    ko2 skg jd plg tampan diantara mrk…
    yaiyalah! scr u’r d only guy…hahaha…
    enak kan crt sm cewe? huehehe…
    itu adek lo ga perna dipk buat curhat??? =p

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