Mini Gathering – Belated Report

Emmm I think I’m way too late to report this event, but hey why not? Anyway in my campus there is a rule that state us, the student of President University, must complete 2 semester of internship. So now it’s our batch turn, this will make us to be separated from each other at least 4 months. So some of the students make a suggestion to make a mailing list in internet.

So the intern students share their ideas in that mailing list. From that mailing list they have a suggestion to make some mini gathering, so they can share their stories and experience or just to meet with friends.

Well from what I know it is easy to make idea, but it is hard to implement the idea. So the people that involve in that event must “battle” with their feeling, time, money (since it ‘s not worthed to pay that sum of money just to eat there, “porsinya kurang… :D”)…well they pretty much put everything to make this event happening.

Finally in February 16, 2008 the event was held, yeap the mini gathering was held in Bakmi GM near Sarinah, around 30 people come there…CMIIW. Well from what I saw at that time not all the student from our batch come, perhaps they had their own business to do.

Most of us only talk,,,, well of course what would you expect juggling around Bakmi GM :D, there we had some speech from Irene, the only 2006 batch that put a lot of effort there, and some of the moderator of our mailing list

There we gather, had some chit chat, took some pictures, here you can see the picture:

2005 Gathering
Me n Friends

Depan Bakmi GM



Well that’s all what I can tell you about our Gathering


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