What’s on Windows Server Wave 2008

On the last Tuesday, March 4 2008, Microsoft launch its product; Windows server 2008, Visual studio 2008, and SQL server 2008. The show was took place in Jakarta Convention Center, it was started at around 7 am, so we went there in a hurry. They also said that the first 1000 people who come will get a free book, so it add up the anxiety to went there early.

I went there with another 3 of my friends, we went there by taxi and when we arrived there the line was already so long. We were thinking “crap we’re late to get the free book”, but it went ok, we manage to get the free book (I got 3 :D), seems the first 1000 was just a tricks to make us come earlier…


There I met my classmates, we can say half of PU’s computing department were there. So we gather there to say hi, and took a picture together.

Me n Classmates

After that we all hurry to the booths, took some free stuffs, and quizzes in a hope to get free laptop or pda… 😀 Some even try to took some picture with the booth lady like this one

Booth lady n Y

Well around 9 am the events start, it was started by Microsoft guys named….emm I think I forgot.. 😛 well it was basically about a boring speech and some sponsor promotions, I even almost asleep or already… :)) Well after some boring introduction the speech was ended by DEWA performance, but since I sit in tribune I wasn’t able to get close to them but some of my friend and they took some picture of them


The performance was good I actually heard how high Once’s sound is when he sang arjuna… and it’s not a lip sync… woaaa they’re a terrific ban…two thumbs up…

After Dewa’s performance was over we had a lunch break, and it was quite some problem to find a place for lunch and it cost a lot to eat there while the taste wasn’t that good.

After lunch we went back inside to follow some seminars, while some of them more like a promotion about why you should buy blade server or how good the performance of HP server… Well for me, I have nothing to do with this… 😛 I only expect to get some gift from them, I asked one question in Sun presentation asking about SunRay, which currently Microsoft competitor in remote desktop or terminal services CMIIW, but then the person said that we better not talk about it in This event…hihihi 😛

In that event I also come to Q & A session with Steve Riley that talk about security issues in computing, I want to ask some question to him but it seems he cannot saw this little guy 😦 In the other place I saw how they do a virtualization system in Windows Server 2008 with some kind of virtual PC but this one is much easier to configure, they can make the current system become virtual, and the virtual become the actual system.

In another place they explain some new command in SQL server 2008, merge, with this command you can do the merging (I don’t quite interested in this field…so I know nothing about this), my boss said this command is already in Oracle since long time ago, seems Microsoft have to catch up a lot

While in another booth there is a demonstration about making some robot programming with Windows Visual Studio 2008, they did it with remote control from Nintendo Wii, cool…. The most crowded stand was when they present about Microsoft Silverlight, too bad I wasn’t there…

Well for the conclusion the event went smoothly, too bad I didn’t get any door prize :P, anyway with this event I can meet with some of my friends, again from PU…but it’s good. I wonder when will this kind of event held again… Lots of gifts, booth lady, boo** (Oopps sorry there :P)


8 thoughts on “What’s on Windows Server Wave 2008

  1. ^^ I was ‘nearly’ there, I cancelled going to the event because of other things to do here 😦 i should have gone there to ruin the fun

  2. Waduh miss you really should come, too bad you cannot see how the geeks from IT ruin the show 😛 since they only throwing useless question to get free stuffs or try to get close with the booth girl 😀

  3. i do this too “throwing useless question to get free stuffs”, but the booth girls, i’ll leave that to you boys . I bet there’s no cute booth boys there -_-

  4. Ummm… That’s not 100 % correct can’t you see those cute geeks from PU??? 😀 Well it’s common to have cute booth girls not cute booth boys in such events 😛 dunno why, perhaps it’s our bless as boys ngahahahaha…

    Anyway from this events I’ve got some stuffs like name card holder, note, free books, free trial software, pens, neck strap, cd case, and many more I couldn’t remember *seems too much* ^.^

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