Girls and Shopping Nightmare

This weekend as usual I have to go back to Cikarang to take my class, the same old story… So I end up spending my weekend in Cikarang. I already had several plans for my weekend e.g. go with my classmates to play futsal, or try to help my previous company, or end up doing nothing in dorm. So I decided to help my previous company and play futsal if I can catch up with the time. Well you might not believe that I can do futsal hehehe… but for sure I did score some goal in futsal, if you don’t believe you can ask my classmates 😀 But my plan was changed, I did made it to catch up with my friends, but my another friends asking me whether I’m going to church or not? Then she said this was a Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter) mass…Crap….I totally forgot that we, Catholics, are in a pre Easter period. So I had to cancel my futsal game and go to church, I felt obliged to go since I haven’t go there so often lately 😛

Anyway I went to the church with three others girls one of them is V, and she told us to bring our own palm leaves (for the ritual). So we end up cutting some palm tree in the dorm…hehehe…lucky the guard didn’t saw us, it’s a small one anyway, so they wouldn’t notice that… 😛 So we took the Angkot to go to the church, and at that moment I realized that I went to church without took a bath first, perhaps this also the reason why I was so sleepy in the church 😛 So we arrived on time and we got front seat, and still I’m asleep J After the mass finish one of the girls want to go to the mal to make some Official picture for the next job fair in my campus, she want to apply to some company that took part in that events. But one of the girls want to go home, I know I know… I should I accompany her…but then just when I want to accompany her I got split up with her earlier, she went with different car, darn it.. So I just went back to mal with my friends 😛

In the mal, first destination is photo studio, there one of my friends took the picture and wait for the picture to be printed, but it seems the printer was broken so we decided to go for a walk… This is the point where the boys should realize, that they starting to enter hell…point of no return… I notice that when you go out with girls they seem always have an extra power to do windows shopping, gosh… It seems that their eyes become green with all the stuffs that they like. Seem their eyes always wide open and become more sensitive for example this friend of mine can see small stuffs that they think cute, from the second floor!! And they can walk and stand up for hours without feeling tired or whatsoever

One of the worst examples is my sister, believe it or not, I really reluctant to go out with her. Since it will be tiring for me to stand up, waiting for her to check, see, try, or anything you can do with every clothes, shoes, accessories that available and it can goes on for hours, and she end up not buying anything…gosh…Even my dad always complaining about this 😀 If the condition already like this what I can do is only check any new message in my cell, send some text, watch another people walk around or eat 😛 and if you start to get bored what you can do is just telling her “are you done yet?” though I’m not so sure the she would listen to me

I think this thing is applicable to most of the girls, even my workmate said that in Mangga Dua there is a very famous shops with its clothes, inside the store full with girls that looking or just seeing for the clothes and in the outside full with their Boys Friend with angry face, waiting… 🙂) nghahahaha…

So there is a little question in my mind if having a girl friends is quite obnoxious, why boys still having it? Well actually it’s quite stupid question, for sure I don’t think the girls doing it all the time, and usually after they do it, the girls usually buttering the boys up 😀 this can help them to forget about the earlier “incident” 😀 hehehe… If I go out with my friends they already know how to handle it, by treating me some lunch or dinner 😛

But the point is that it’s quite fun to have fun with some girls, to take some “experience” when I already have my girl friend, or to do some exercise to burn my fat ngahahaha So this habit shouldn’t have daunted boys from going out with girls, or should we???


4 thoughts on “Girls and Shopping Nightmare

  1. huahahahahaha…. ga heran la ko…

    tp swear dah… g turut prihatin klo u ud jalan sm ci pipin… aku pun sdh merasakan… hahahaha…
    peace ci… (^o^)V

    iya tu, skalian bakar lemak, jalan kesana kemari…
    wah, jgn2 g ktm u ud kurus nih!!!

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