Managing Disk Quota in OpenSuse 10.2

Hi all, once again I will post some stuff that makes your OpenSuse 10.2 become a very useful Server. This time I will give you how to manage the utilization of your hard disk usage by your user, in this case for your storage server. Sometime it really pain in the ass if one of our user put a lot of data in our very limited storage – like I did 😛 – so as an admin we should give some effort to limit their storage capacity. Continue reading

Multiple Subnet DHCP Server in OpenSuse 10.2

Hi all, long time not writing about IT stuffs, I’ve been a little busy lately :P. Anyway you might be wandering why my writing always about OpenSuse, well it because in my workplace they all use OpenSuse as primary OS (even for servers) for software development, of course there are some Windows PC, but it’s only about 30 %, and some using Solaris, so it’s a Unix world here 😀

About a month ago my boss asked me to replace the old machine that did all from proxy, DNS, DHCP, and Internet gateway. So in my plan I want to divide the machine into 2 machine one for DHCP and DNS while the other for proxy and internet gateway. For now I will discuss about DHCP server for multiple subnet. Continue reading