The Arrival of the Monsters

What I mean with monster here is not really a monster ^^ Yesterday my office has just received two Sun SPARC T5220, the naming just like Robots in Terminator series 😀 from Sun Microsystems Indonesia

Sun Microsystems

The Boxes

Believe me it’s big and heavy, both of my office boy having a hard time to take it to the data center 😀 Inside the boxes we had some CAT5 cables, some converter, documentation, etc. Here is the looks of the monster

T5220 1

Look at that, what a big blade server 😀

T5220 2

It is built best for virtualization, in each server there is one processor, it has 64 thread and we have two, so there would be 128 thread, it just like having 128 processor 😛 This machine also best to achieve green data center concept, if you compare the power and performance this machine with other machine that can produce this much computing power. Later on it will be used for Zones from Sun to make some isolated domain.

Those blade will replace T5120 (1U), mini version of T5220 (2U), T5120 is used as Zones server in my office. I have seen theses machine in Windows Server 2008 launching, few months ago.


While the other one will try to replace our Big and old yet powerful database server SunFire V880

SunFire V880

Back then we were complaining about how low the computing power in our company, we hope by using these monster series it will be solved 😀 I think now we have too much power :))


2 thoughts on “The Arrival of the Monsters

  1. We have also got some T5220 in my company but administrating it I found out that they have issues with “init 6” not everytime working as expected.

    Thats on Solaris 10….

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