Dorama Review: Hotaru no Hikari

I’ve been a a big fan of Japanese Dorama since I’m in college, i’ve a pile of DVDs of Japanese Movies, so many that I haven’t watch some of them 😛 Well this is the first time I do some review about dorama. This dorama tell us about a story of an office girl. You must watch this one


This dorama already played last year but I’ve just received it lately, but this one is a good one in my opinion. The office girl that become the main role in this story is not just another ordinary office girl in the office. But when she returned to her home she turned something that is called himono onna (dried up women), which means women with no social life (I don’t know why Japanese give a big fuss about it???) In this dorama you will find another calling for this lady, like hebi onna, kame onna, and many more.

It seems that since this office girl doesn’t have anyone to take care to, so she just do whatever she wants to please her self, like a house that never being clean up, sleeping under newspaper



What I like so much from this movie is the office girl in this story, she is so cute when at home and I like all those fight with the manager whom she live under the same roof. You can read the detail from this. Plus she is so beautiful when she is at the office, but I think she always cute wkwkwkwk, you can see the difference here



The real actress has the same age with me ^^ (I don’t the relevance wkwkwk) Just wishing that some day I have that kind of girl friend, it will be fun ^^


7 thoughts on “Dorama Review: Hotaru no Hikari

  1. Sekai no Chuusin yg mana yahhh? I already forget git? What if you make some review about that one in your blog so that I can know a little bit about it ^^

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