Dorama Review: Proposal Daisakusen

Last week is the last day of my internship period in my company, so I got some spare time to relax a bit. Since I have got nothing to do, I did some search in my computer, what movies that I haven’t watch ^^. Then I found these Dorama Series, which is played by the famous Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). I don’t have any interest in Yamapi, girl usually love him, Instead I like the main actress who is Nagasawa Masami, she is so cute !! ^^

Proposal Daisakusen

Proposal Daisakusen

The story is mainly about love story between two childhood friend Iwase Ken (Tomohisa) and Yoshida Rei (Masami). The story start in the Rei’s wedding day, where Ken also attend the ceremony. In that wedding day, Ken having a big regret why he didn’t able to say how much he loves her. All the sudden there is this fairy that able to send Ken back to the past to fix his mistakes. A fairy is a bit weird hehehe…. and there are also some cartoon like scene in this Dorama, but so far it wont make you “ilfil”.

So in each episode the story tell how Ken try to fix his past. This story basically tell how insensitive this man is, he has no idea if Rei is expecting him to become her boy friend.

proposal daisakusen

proposal daisakusen

Well I must say that you have to watch this dorama to get full detail how the story goes. There are a lot of good points that you can take from this dorama…(I wonder when sinetron in Indonesia will give such contribution). In this dorama they have three other friends that share pain and joy together from high school until now. There is a lesson that I get from this dorama, It is said that when we are in the high school or unversity, we might know what is your friend like at the moment, like what movie that you like to watch, what song that you like to hear, all of them we can know. But when you already not together again, you can be so updated again about what your friends like most. Usually if the friendship is not strong then it will bring some problem. Well this dorama teach us a bit how to keep our friendship last.

proposal daisakusen

proposal daisakusen

Another point that I can get from these dorama is that women always like the detail in anything. There is this one scene, where Rei want to give a birthday present to Ken, she wants it to be special, so she make some sort of riddle that will lead to the present. But she didn’t said if she had some riddle to get the present to anyone, she want Ken to know by himself. So she put some notes, for the clue, in a CD case. When the song is played it also give some clue The song title is Chiisana Koi no Uta by Mongol 800 in Message album. You can hear it here, and below there is some translation from the lyrics

Mongol 800 – Chiisana Koi no Uta [ download ]

“Small Love Song” by Mongol 800 [Monpachi]

One of many in this wide universe
In the great world of this blue earth
This tiny feeling of love will reach
You on the little island
Time have passed since I first met you
The letters with my feelings grow in numbers
Without us realizing, it is already echoing between us
Sometimes intense, sometimes sad
It echoes distantly
This gentle song changes the world

*Look, the person who is important to you
Is right beside you
I just want to reach only you
This echoing love song
Listen, Listen, Listen to this echoing love song

You noticed that even the dark street
We walk on is lit up by the moon every night
Not letting go of the hand I grasped
The feelings are strong, I promise forever
In the depths of forever, I’ll surely say
These same words with my feeling unchanged
But it’s still not enough and turns into tears
It turns into joy, I can’t put into words
Just embracing, just embracing

* Chorus

If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
If it’s a dream, don’t wake up
The time I spent with you
Will turn into everlasting stars


This song has a deep meaning indeed ^^ for the rest of the story on this dorama just watch the dorama 😀 I wonder… will I be able to get such friends that last that long… and if I do have it, will I be able to not be with them so often. In my mind this is some sort of the step that you take in your life, when we’re toddler, we’re so afraid if we’re left by our parents, now it happens again…but these time with our friend. It doesn’t mean that we lost our connection with our friend. It just we have to make our friendship into something that more adult. I think I’m in this stage currently…hope I can cope it ^^


11 thoughts on “Dorama Review: Proposal Daisakusen

  1. Ber, bagus nih kayaknya filmnyaa..
    Boleh pinjem gak??? Hehehe…

    Blogya bagus Ber..
    Cuma kurang warna2 terang aja…
    Warnanya pucat…

    Tapi overall bagus.. T-O-P!!!

  2. bro, pinjem filmnya….

    gambar yang di blog bagian atas itu lucu banget bro…huhuhu
    mau dunk..
    ato emang dah template blog nya???

  3. @HenHen: bisa di atur boss!! ^^

    @Dilla: sepp tenang aja lagian laptop u ada d paskal kan 😀

    @resty: ntar g copyin dari laptop pipin :D, klo gambar itu g ambil dari mana yahhhh, lupa :P, bukan template dari blog koq, tinggal u save as aja

  4. ih……!!!! kenzou ‘y guanteng bagt ga kalah ma nodame tamaki hirosi atw hanazakarino ikuta toma heu..heu….,pengorbanan ‘y gokil abiez. maw deh jadi pacr y.wk..wk…wk…

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