Oracle Alter Table, Index, LOB Script Collections

These are some of the scripts that will create another script that will be executed. The idea behind these scripts is that DBA won’t have to execute these alter table or index or lob one by one, when there thousand of lines of scripts.

The first script is to move lob column from every table that is owned by a schema

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ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction string

This can be encountered in an environment that use two-phase commit, managed distributed transaction, and where the client is having a network problem with the database server. The setup was Oracle Weblogic 10.3.3 with Oracle’s Thin XA Driver, and Oracle 11g Database Server.

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Enabling SSL in Oracle Weblogic

This how-to is based on Oracle Weblogic 10.3.3 on Solaris 10 (Unix/Linux), lately the release is faster ~.~, the environment will like three tier application where web-app-db reside in the different host.

Make sure to create generic JAVA_HOME, WLS_HOME, and Keystore directory the same in each host. In this case

JAVA_HOME = /opt/jdk1.6
WLS_HOME = /opt/oracle11
Keystore Dir. = /opt/oracle11/ssl

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Killing Oracle Jobs

This article is not purely mine, I take this from another source, which I already forgot. However, I already used this to solve several issue regarding Oracle Jobs. To solve this issue will require Oracle SYS and Oracle OS user. Let start with listing the jobs

select j.log_user,
j.last_date||':'||j.last_sec last_date,
j.this_date||':'||j.this_sec this_date,
j.next_date||':'||j.next_sec next_date,
j.next_date - j.last_date interval,
from (select dj.LOG_USER, dj.JOB, dj.BROKEN, dj.FAILURES,
from dba_jobs dj) j;

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