Init script in OpenSuse 10.2

The main aim of init script is to make the OS to execute the program that we wanted after a reboot or power on. You can do it in two ways wheter to make an init script or add some line in /etc/init.d/boot.local. If you want to do it with boot.local, which is simpler, you just need to append the required command into it. Continue reading


Timed Shutdown in OpenSuse 10.2

This command will be very usefull if you want to make a maintenance from remote site. With this command it will warn current user that still login, if the computer will be shut down or rebooted within some interval time. I think this command only available in OpenSuse CMIIW.

To do that all you need to do is an root rights so that you can execute this command, here are some of the option:

shutdown -r -F 1 This machine will be rebooted

This will make your machine rebooted within 1 minutes and it will show “This machine will be rebooted” message and do fsck after reboot

shutdown -P 1 This machine will be turned off

This will make your machine power off within 1 minutes and show “This machine will be turned off” message

shutdown -k It’s only a warning

This will only a warning message to all connected user

Dorama Review: Proposal Daisakusen

Last week is the last day of my internship period in my company, so I got some spare time to relax a bit. Since I have got nothing to do, I did some search in my computer, what movies that I haven’t watch ^^. Then I found these Dorama Series, which is played by the famous Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). I don’t have any interest in Yamapi, girl usually love him, Instead I like the main actress who is Nagasawa Masami, she is so cute !! ^^

Proposal Daisakusen

Proposal Daisakusen

The story is mainly about love story between two childhood friend Iwase Ken (Tomohisa) and Yoshida Rei (Masami). The story start in the Rei’s wedding day, where Ken also attend the ceremony. In that wedding day, Ken having a big regret why he didn’t able to say how much he loves her. All the sudden there is this fairy that able to send Ken back to the past to fix his mistakes. A fairy is a bit weird hehehe…. and there are also some cartoon like scene in this Dorama, but so far it wont make you “ilfil”.

So in each episode the story tell how Ken try to fix his past. This story basically tell how insensitive this man is, he has no idea if Rei is expecting him to become her boy friend.

proposal daisakusen

proposal daisakusen

Continue reading

2008 Summer Olympics

Next month, from August 8 to August 24, 2008 There will be a big sport event in China. Yeapp they will held one of the biggest sport event in the world, Summer Olympics.

2008 Summer Olympics Logo

2008 Summer Olympics Logo

The logo it self features a stylized calligraphic character jīng (京, meaning capital) that represent Beijing as the host city, further more I have this video clip:

In this video clip you can see so many singer from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, even Korea. Some of the example are Jang Na Ra, Wang Lee Hom, Jackie Chan, Gigi Leung, Richie Ren, Vivian Hsu, Jolin Tsai, 5566, and many more.

This Video Clip mainly talking about how Beijing as the host welcome everyone that want to watch this event, inside this they show you some of the venues that will be used like Beijing National Stadium that has very artistic structure, also another place that is used for Aquatic Sport, some modern building, they also show you about how ready the transportation in Beijing, Beside that they show you about The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and some other tourism hot spot, they also show you the culture of the Chinese people from the masks, play, song, and many more.

So this video give a lot in a such short time, though I’m Indonesian I’m quite proud that my ancestor land able to held such event ^^

Install, Configure, and Deploy .war Application in Glassfish

Glassfish is a free, open source application server which implements the newest features in the Java EE 5 platform. The Java EE 5 platform includes the latest versions of technologies such as such as JavaServer Pages(JSP) 2.1, JavaServer Faces(JSF) 1.2, Servlet 2.5, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, Java API for Web Services(JAX-WS) 2.0, Java Architecture for XML Binding(JAXB) 2.0, Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform 1.0, and many other new technologies. You can use glassfish to replace apache web server or bea weblogic. The commercial version of this application server is Sun Java System Application Server. Continue reading

Change Hostname in Solaris 10

Solaris is not is easy to maintain, that from what I experienced up till now +__+. For example if you want to change the name of our computer you have to go through all this stuff, while in Windows you can do it easily :P, but this is the interesting part, you have to try it!!

Change the name in /etc/nodename

Inside here just replace the old name with the name that you wanted

Change the name in /etc/hostname.interface

Inside here just replace the old name with the name that you wanted

Change the name in /etc/hosts localhost new_hostname loghost

After this you can type

hostname new_hostname

After that you can try to reboot and check by ping to your new hostname.

Configure Solaris Container (Zoning) in Solaris 10

Solaris Container is a virtualization technology that come from SUN, from my experience you can only make virtualization for Solaris I don’t know if for another OS. We usually call it with SUN Zone CMIIW. With this container we can manage resource for application and services, another virtualization can do it too, I think…

The bottom line is that my experience with Solaris Container is to deploy some application (Web Application) inside those container in one server, like SUN T5220, so later this server “seems” to have so many OS, each with its own IP address, file, processor, and another resources.

In my case I’m using T5220 which has 64 thread that is equal having 64 CPU, and my application need at least 4 CPU. This would make one T5220 can have around 16 application with their own separated environment (not completely). Because if the server is being shut down, the container is shut down too. But when the server is up we can easily boot, reboot the container. If you want to have the real virtualization, I mean when the server is broken but you don’t want your container broken you have to use SUN Fire E25K server, it will cost you around 1 up to 4 million US dollars 😛 Continue reading

Kill User Session in Linux

This command will be useful if in case your user is doing something “naughty” and you want to kill them this is how you do it:

How to stop and halt (pause) the user

# skill -STOP -u username

How to continue the halted user

# skill -CONT -u username

How to Kill and make them logout from the computer

# skill -KILL -u username

How to kill all the user in the system

# skill -KILL -v /dev/pts/*

Hope this will be useful for some of you to who have some difficult time with the user.