Today in Cikarang, most of the time is filled with rain, I planned to finish my problem with campus, but it’s all failed. First the person that holding my confirmation letter is not coming home yet until around 4 p.m. and that already too late, since the campus is already closed. So I decide to let my sister finish it.

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In Cikarang Again and Happyyyy

Today I am in Cikarang, I have to finish some of internship documentation in my campus. So I didn’t go to my office today. I went from Jakarta to Cikarang around 13 or something, and there is this quite anoying traffic jam in Pancoran…

Finally I arrived in Cikarang…I go to the dorm first to change my short pants, there is a new rule that bother me…showing ID…huh I think that rule will be forgotten easily, like usual…So I change my pants, go to campus, after meeting the people that I wanted to meet, I go to library to read some news. after that I went to receptionist to meet mbak Eva to take Yosua’s meal coupon, but I have to wait for a long time. When I waiting for the people to come…suddenly there is this one of my ex-senior that said Hiii or hello to me, my mind went blank at that time…to my surprise she said that…because she is one of the most beautiful girls in campus…of course to my opinion…wow…..I’m so happy….

Cikarang Lately, PU more precise

Damn… I don’t know why when things start getting better we have to leave our beloved dormitory in PU.

For example, in this coming new year all students can enjoy free wireless internet connection in dormitory and campus. Wow this has been our dream since we enter this university, because there is “someone” who promise us free internet connection when we enter this university. Though it actually come to reality, I think it’s already too late, because we are leaving this dormitory soon, so we don’t have enough time to enjoy this(We means batch 2005).

Another thing is that suddenly the climate in Cikarang is changing, somehow it feel like when I was living in Bandung. I like it so much…perhaps it because of the crazy climate change that become big story now. Perhaps, someday Cikarang will have snow 😛

Anyway it seeme that I’m going to miss this place so much…now I have to move to another hot place (Jakarta) huehuehue…

First Post

Finally I made my first post…In this windy time, even Cikarang become quite cold, I can write my first post in this blog.

Before when I entered my blod I always bothered with all the arrangement in this blog…so many feature, so it took some time for me to get use with this.

But last night I decide that I have to wrap all the things and start posting, so here is my first post…hope you can enjoy it