Cannot connect using SSH to Solaris

This error happen when I want to connect from one solaris box to another, in the ssh client side will show this error:

no common kex alg: client 'diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1,diffie-hellman-group1-sha1', server 'gss-group1-sha1-toWM5Slw5Ew8Mqkay+al2g=='

This can be fixed by going to the ssh server side using another protocol (telnet, or serial) and do this

 1. rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_* 2. /lib/svc/method/sshd -c (to create new rsa/dsahost pair key) 3. svcadm restart ssh

ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options

This will happen if you want to use a mounted NFS directory with no option in mounting NFS directory. The error that will come up is like this

RMAN-03009: failure of Control File and SPFILE Autobackup command on ORA_DISK_2
channel at 08/01/2006 16:43:49
ORA-19504: failed to create file “……”
ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted  with correct options Additional information: 2

The workaround that need to be done is too add this option while you remounting the NFS directory


Hope this will fix your error 😀

ORA-01031: “insufficient privileges”

This error is come up right after I finish all the recovery process, when I want to connect to the recovered database as sysdba. At that time I cannot even connect through RMAN or SQLPLUS, quite confusing at first. Luckily I have Metalink account and I found this workaround. Type this command to create new password file


Password file format in unix is : orapw<sid>

Password file format in windows is : pwd<sid>.ora

Then edit your database PFILE by appending this command in the bottom of the file


Now you can try to connect again by typing




You also need to check your SQLNET.ORA in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin there should be this line


You also need to check if your current Oracle OS user is a member in oinstall and dba.

Hope this can help you 😀

ORA-00821: Specified value of sga_target 152M is too small, needs to be at least 304M

This error is come up when i tried to start a dummy instance by using rman in process of recovering a database. This error is caused because the SGA memory initialization is too small to start an instance. To solve this the workaround is to create an Operating System variable called ORA_RMAN_SGA_TARGET it can be done by typing



512M of memory is sufficient enough to start an instance. Then you can try to start the instance from rman again, hope this will help you 😀

ORA-01152: file 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup

I faced this error when I tried to open the database from the recovered database, at that time it was told that one of my system datafile was not restored from a sufficiently old backup. The workaround to fix it is can be done by copying all available archivelog into the directory where archivelog is stored. Then you can connect to the database using SQLPLUS


Then it will prompt you a request to find the required archivelog, just type auto if you already put all the archivelog in the directory where you put all the archivelog according to PFILE. Otherwise you have to type it manually one by one. That will be something like this

ORA-00279: ……..

ORA-00289: ……..

ORA-00280: ……..

Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL}

Hope that will fix your error 😀