Girls and Shopping Nightmare

This weekend as usual I have to go back to Cikarang to take my class, the same old story… So I end up spending my weekend in Cikarang. I already had several plans for my weekend e.g. go with my classmates to play futsal, or try to help my previous company, or end up doing nothing in dorm. So I decided to help my previous company and play futsal if I can catch up with the time. Well you might not believe that I can do futsal hehehe… but for sure I did score some goal in futsal, if you don’t believe you can ask my classmates 😀 But my plan was changed, I did made it to catch up with my friends, but my another friends asking me whether I’m going to church or not? Then she said this was a Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter) mass…Crap….I totally forgot that we, Catholics, are in a pre Easter period. So I had to cancel my futsal game and go to church, I felt obliged to go since I haven’t go there so often lately 😛 Continue reading

Mini Gathering – Belated Report

Emmm I think I’m way too late to report this event, but hey why not? Anyway in my campus there is a rule that state us, the student of President University, must complete 2 semester of internship. So now it’s our batch turn, this will make us to be separated from each other at least 4 months. So some of the students make a suggestion to make a mailing list in internet. Continue reading

My Weekend, My Friends, My Sadness…

This weekend, as usual I have to go back to Cikarang to take State Philosophy Class with Mr. Bruno in campus. So I went back on Friday evening, and arrived in Cikarang around 7 pm. In the next day I woke up , had a breakfast, took a bath, and go to campus follow lecturer that is given by Mr. Bruno. But my weekend wasn’t that dull, I went out with my friends. This time I hang out with girls, I am the only boy there 😀 ngahahaha heaven on earth…Don’t get wrong with this :D, they are my best friends Continue reading