Oracle RMAN Recovery

In my previous post I write about Oracle RMAN Backup, now I will explain a little bit about RMAN Recovery, there are many ways of using RMAN tools, but this is the way that i found to be succesfull.

Like I told you in my previous scenario I have a backup file that is copied to an NFS server from a tape server. The secondary server is also a running Oracle server that has its own instance that is being used. So my workaround for this recovery on a running Oracle server is to create a new Operating System user that is a member of oinstall and dba group, then create a new project on that user, so that the memory allocation is sufficient for the old and the recovered instance. For more detail you can see my next post on installing Oracle on Solaris. Continue reading

Oracle RMAN Backup

It’s been awhile not writing in this blog…more than a year :O Well, my old posting is all about Solaris, Linux, Sun Server, and Stuffs about System Administrations. Now I’m going to change the topics into Database Administration from now.

One of the most essential part of becoming a Database Administrator is able to do backup and restore, so that in a disaster event the data can be survive. My environment in this backup and recovery thing is using Oracle 10gR2, Solaris OS, SUN NAS.

The scenario is started by configuring the primary database to be able to create rman backup then store the backup into tape (using veritas backup). Then the backup data is restored into an NFS server that is hosted on SUN Storage 7110. Then the secondary database will mount the NFS server. Continue reading