Ignoring SSL Hostname Verification in Weblogic

Usually the only problem when using SSL in WebLogic is hostname verification, which will make the server failed to start. However, for production it is recommended to use this, so it won’t be vulnerable with man-in-the-middle attack. This how-to will be based on Weblogic 10.3.3 and Solaris 10.

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Enabling SSL in Oracle Weblogic

This how-to is based on Oracle Weblogic 10.3.3 on Solaris 10 (Unix/Linux), lately the release is faster ~.~, the environment will like three tier application where web-app-db reside in the different host.

Make sure to create generic JAVA_HOME, WLS_HOME, and Keystore directory the same in each host. In this case

JAVA_HOME = /opt/jdk1.6
WLS_HOME = /opt/oracle11
Keystore Dir. = /opt/oracle11/ssl

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